Twenty Five,Twenty One: Episode 14 Theories

“And I know it’s a little late, but congratulations on your wedding.” Back Yi Jin said to Hee-Do.

While Episode 13 gives us light scenes, Episode 14 really tore our hearts last night. TVN is really playing with our emotions as drama ends with a cliffhanger question, “Who married Hee-Do?”.

Some netizens believe that Yi-Jin was covering up for Hee-Do about the wedding so the media won’t make an issue about their relationship. Some viewers stand that Hee-Do may end up with someone other than Yi-Jin.

Netizens have also guessed that maybe Yi-Jin’s real last name is Kim, which is also the same as Kim Min Chae.

Here are the some theories on how Twenty Five Twenty One ends:

Just remember that the outcome was brilliant, and the process was beautiful.

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