Samgyupking: Another top notch Korean BBQ resto in Metro

Finally found my new home when it comes to Korean BBQ. Samgyupking is located in Fishermall, Quezon City. It stands out from other Korean BBQ restaurants as they serve fresh unlimited mixed meats, skewers, chicken wings, ramen, and milk teas that will satisfy your cravings.

As you’ve entered the resto, staff will offer you a welcome milk tea drink. You can choose which one you want; either Taro, Thai, or Okinawa flavors. Each table has an automated barbeque skewer and the other side where you can grill your meat. What I love about Samgyupking is that they used environmentally friendly bamboo charcoal instead of ordinary charcoal.

My favorites all in one place.
Skewers are already prepared and marinated.
Sausage for the win!

Like most samgyupsal resto, they serve various side dishes like kimchi, egg roll, pickled radish, and carrots. Their lettuce and rice are also unlimited.

Look at those skewers, side dishes and meats.

Just in case you are wondering what their menu is. So, here it is:

🥓 Beef bulgogi
🥩 Pork bulgogi
🥩 Spicy pork bulgogi
🍗 Chicken bulgogi
🥓 Salt and pepper beef
🥩 Salt and pepper pork

Chicken wings and mojos:
🥢 Buffalo wings
🥢 Soy garlic
🥢 Plain chicken wings with gravy
🥢 Potato mojos

Pinoy skewers:
🍢 Isaw
🍢 Sweet Longanisa
🍢 Garlic Longanisa
🍢 Sausage BBQ
🍢 Pig Ears
🍢 Pork BBQ
🍢 Spicy Pork BBQ
🍢 Chicken BBQ
🍢 Corn Cob
🍢 Pork Big Intestines
🍢 Glizzard BBQ
🍢 Meatloaf BBQ
🍢 Chicken Wing BBQ
All of these are available for as low as 499PHP! What a great offer! Who can’t resist isaw? Yay!