What To Expect In Chin Swee Cave Temple?

Part of our Genting trip is to visit Chin Swee Cave Temple. It is a Taoist temple situated on the rocky slope of Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia. The temple was constructed by the founder of Genting, Lim Gog Tong, to glorify the Buddhist figure, Chin Swee.

How to get to Chin Swee Cave Temple?

By Awana Skyway: Awana Skyway is a gondola lift system serving Genting Highlands, and this is the cheapest way to reach the temple. 

Option 1: You may take the Resorts World Tours (RWT) Express Bus from KL Sentral and get off at Awana Bus Terminal. You may book a ticket online for about 46 RM, and the fare includes Bus and Skyway tickets back and forth. Book here: 

Option 2: Another option is to purchase the Bus tickets from the ticket counters in KL Sentral. Once get off at Awana Bus Terminal, head to level 4 and buy a Skyway ticket for about 10 RM one-way. 

By Car: You may book via Grab or AirAsia, and the fare is 120 RM which is slightly expensive. So much better if you are traveling along with your friends. Travel time may take 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur city center.

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What to expect?

Once you get off to Chin Swee Cave Station, you need to take a series of escalators to reach the temple. There are notable structures to explore inside the temple, such as the iconic nine-storey lamp-lit pagoda, Sky Terrace, Ten Chambers of Hell, a giant 15-meter high Buddha statue, and 18 Immortals.

Chin Swee Cave Temple has overlooking landscapes, and you will also see the magnificent view of the Titiwangsa mountain. As you roam around, you will sense the tranquility of the place and the cool breeze that touches your skin. The temple is well-maintained, not crowded, and a perfect place to learn about ancient Chinese culture and beliefs. It seemed to be a site for reflection and spiritual enlightenment.

There is no admission fee, and you may stay as much as you want. In case you feel hungry, there is an vegetarian restaurant and Starbucks found in the temple. You can also enjoy 10% off on Starbucks food and beverages when you show your Awana Skyway ticket.

Usually, people don’t include this temple in their itinerary, but this is really worth visiting! The temple is open from 10 am – 7 pm. Please note that you can leave at Chin Swee station at no extra charge, and you can use the same ticket to resume your trip to the peak.

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