Balituk: The Hidden Gem in Sabang Baler

Baler is undoubtedly the perfect getaway for all types of wanderers with beautiful beaches, mouthwatering foods, and surf-worthy spots. Not only that, many beachfront resorts offer a unique accommodation option for your convenience, and one of them is Balituk Resort.

Balituk Resort is a hidden gem tucked in Sabang beach, the busiest coastline in the province of Aurora. Balituk is an Ilocano word that means “gold.”


Option 1: From Cubao, ride a Genesis Bus, the fare is around 400PHP, or you may ride in Joy Bus (no stopovers) fare is around 700PHP.

Option 2: Other route is from Cubao, ride a bus going to Cabanatuan. Travel time is 3hours, and the fare is 200PHP. From Cabanatuan terminal, ride a bus to Baler, 3hours travel time and 200PHP fare.


As of March 1, 2022, the Province of Aurora is under ALERT LEVEL 1. Documentary requirements shall no longer be required for all travelers when traveling to and from the Province of Aurora. Issuance of Travel Pass Slip is now discontinued.



There are five teepee huts available in the area. This fan room cost 1300PHP/night for two persons. It can accommodate up to four (4) people. Additional two persons need to pay 400PHP each.


There are also two family rooms. Each room can fit up to five (5) people. It cost 2800PHP/night. It was spacious and had a private bathroom.


Five air-conditioned rooms are ready to occupy. Rates depend on how many you are in a group. Check the price below:

  • 4400PHP/night (good for 6pax)
  • 3400PHP/night (good for 4pax)
  • 2800PHP/night (good for 2pax)

Additional 500PHP/each if you want to add a person in the room. Both are inclusive use of a swimming pool, cooking area, and communal bathroom.


I can’t remember when was the last time I went to Baler. So, when my friend invited me, I found myself lying in the bean bags while eating Cacao Ice Cream. Don’t miss it! You will love it!

Since I can’t swim (anyone relates to me?) I was sitting on the beach and enjoyed watching surfers play their board with those massive waves. By the way, they offer a Surfing lesson which costs 350PHP.

There is no WIFI in the area, and the signal is feeble. So, if you want to escape in the hustle and bustle of urban life and disconnect from social media, this is the perfect place for you. Very relaxing, and you will only hear the endless waves of the ocean. The atmosphere in Balituk makes you feel rejuvenated!

Just a reminder for those travelers planning to go to Balituk, make sure to bring food. There are no stores available in the resort. Besides Balituk, you will see North Shore; you can order meals there but expect prices are a little bit expensive, around 150PHP and up.

The way to Balituk is quite challenging. If you don’t have a car or service just like us, make sure to get the tricycle driver’s contact number who brought you to the resort.

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